Convert/import/transcode mts files to mpeg-2 for Mac OS

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Part one: Convert MTS files to MPEG-2 on Mac

Problems converting AVCHD.mts clips to MPEG-2Burned a bunch of MTS clips onto a DVD and put them onto my iMovie and edit them. However when I got to click and drag them onto the project, it comes up as "processing" for like a second and then pop up "invalid format".Please help?

SuggestionMTS is not compatible with imovie etc and MPEG-2 is the core of iMovie, most digital television and DVD formats. You`d better convert MTS files to MPEG-2 , decode may possible but complex.

Solution: Just few mouse click you can convert MTS video to MPEG-2 formats with best output audio and video quality and fast speed by using MTS to MPEG-2 converter for Mac.

Mac MTS to MPEG-2 program tool can freely convert MTS video to MPEG-2 NTSC/PAL, MTS clips to MPEG-2 Movie SECAM, MTS movie to HD MPEG-2 on Mac, import MTS to MPEG-2 Creative Zen for playback, MTS to MPEG-2 iMovie for editing, MTS to MPEG-2 for burning DVDs on Mac os x. 

Tips1: MPEG-2 permits storage and transmission of movies using currently available storage media and transmission bandwidth. The MPEG-2 Program Streams are mostly used in storage applications. Broadcast usage commonly uses the MPEG-2 Transport Stream format. Tips2: NTSC is the TV system used in North America and most of South America, PAL is the TV system mostly used Europe.

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