Delete resumes saved application States in Mac Lion 10.7?

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Mac OS X 10.7 Lion has the ability to make all applications resume their last states. No doubt it’s a great function for some applications or when you’re in certain situations. However, if you dislike the feature, you can delete saved application states from resume.


The tip is to access ~/Library/, a folder hidden by default in Mac OS X Lion. Below are steps:
1. Go to ~/Library/Saved Application State/. You can easily do this using “Command+Shift+G”.
2. You will see a list, showing all of the saved app states with its own names like and
3. Just delete the folder related to the application whose late state you don’t want to save.

Remember that this is just a temporary solution, as I mentioned above. Mac OS X 10.7 will regenerate these files upon each of them launches. Of course, you have another option to completely make saved app states disabled. But most people find the above solution enough useful for them.

You need to remove saved app states from resume in Lion frequently?
If you find you need to do this very often, you’d better create an alias on the desktop for the “Saved Application State” item so that you can rapidly delete these your unwanted saved app states every time.


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I need help 07/11/2015 17:59

I have a similar problem but everytime it opens it crashes unexpectedly. I've restarted the computer, everything but nothing works. The saved file of it doesn't even appear so I can't even do that...I've been trying to figure for 5 hours already WHAT DO I DO