How to make my mpg video clips to Mov video clips on Mac?

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"I am trying to make a video on imovie 09 but all of the clips I have from my camera cant be imported because they end in mpg and imovie only accepts mov. Is there any way for me to make my mpg video clips into mov clips?"

Mpg is popular with Microsoft Windows movie maker and media player, on Mac OSX platform, however, Mov file format is the universal format for playback, streaming and editing, to convert mpg to mov becomes very necessary.

Zamzar is a free online video converter. It is easy to use, and say can convert AVI, WMVfiles to MP4. The steps is just as follows:
1: Upload your WMM video
2: Choose the output formats: MP4
3:Enter your email address to receive converted files: 

However, when we convert WMM files with it, many problem come out:
1:The maximum supported amount is 100MB
2:To convert bigger files sign up for a zamzar account(supports up to 1GB)
3:It says you can choose several files at a time, but all the files formats must be the same
4:When convert, error appear"There has been an internal error processing your request (Error 101-25-z25), please try re-submitting it"

Mpg to mov converter for Mac is a simple yet powerful program application can do conversion from mpg to mov, mpeg-1 to mov, mpeg-2 to mov, mpeg-4 to mov and mpg to mov on Mac OSX. With the converted video file with best image quality, you will see how easy it is to import mpg to iMovie, import mpg to FCE and import mpg to iDVD importable.

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