MPG video playback problem

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"This is an odd question that I hope someone here can help with. I have recently downloaded a few files using using bearshare. The advertised length of these files are all at least 15min but when trying to play them in any player, the time is listed as 1 or 2 min. If you press play, the first minute will play and then the video stops. You can tell the whole movie is in the file because when you manualy slide the slider bar in the clip... It shows other parts of the clip. It's frustrating to spend a long time downloading a 150meg video clip and know the whole clip is in the file... but only be able to see part of it. "

"I have a clip (about 10 minutes worth) of audio and video of a family Christmas. I can play it fine on my office machine, but on the other computer it only displays that it's length is 45 seconds or so. It will only play a portion of the video (and related audio) then stop at the end of the scroll bar..which is usually not the end of the clip. If I use the media player scroll bar to move to another portion of the clip, it will play the video that is in the file at that point, which would be different than if I had started playback from the beginning. Whereever I drag the scrollback to it will play from, with different video, but will stop as the scroll bar reaches the end...It will never play the complete 10 minuteswithout scrolling to find each childs section of the clip."



If you are talking about pc players, many times the reason are your mpeg codecs. Elecard ones has this behaviour sometimes.
Change your codecs, maybe you can use ffdshow manager to use its onws.
Or install/reinstall another mpeg2 enabled app (as PowerDVD, Mainconcept Encoder, etc.).

Windows MEdia player 9 on both machines. IT's the same player program, it should work on both machines...they're virtunally identical...RAM CPU M/BOARD/ HDD. The video cards are different the Office PC has a MAtrox G450 and the file plays fine. THe other PC has a Radion 9800 X-something and the files wont play back. Other files are affected too, but this is one I created so I know it's a good source. I ran DOS FC command and the files check out o.k....
i guess you can try to convert your mpg files to wmv for windows, mp4 or mov for mac

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