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If your web browser cannot play MPEG-1 Video files (extension .mpg) like this one, you should install an MPEG Video player (also called an MPEG viewer) and configure your browser. This is easy! You should be able to do it yourself even if your are a company executive... And once you're done with video, don't forget to install an MPEG Audio player too!


First, Download an MPEG Video Player for your System


MPEG Video software decoders work well if your processor has enough power. For example a Pentium 100 Mhz or over can play MPEG-1 Video. There are two categories of software MPEG Video players: the public-domain or free ones and the commercial ones.

Public-domain or free MPEG software players often play only video (no audio), may have a poor frame synchronization (or none at all) and may not be as fast as commercial players. You get what you pay for! On the other hand, source code is sometimes available for those interested in understanding how MPEG works.

Second, Configure your Web Browser (only applies to Linux or Unix)

You need to install the player executable program (for example mpeg_play) somewhere on your system. Under Unix, make sure that it is in the execution PATH and make it executable. 


in fact, It can nicely handle all digital video formats among muxed or demuxed MPG/MPEG, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 video and audio file standardized by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) on Mac OSX


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